Who Are The Qi-Lo:

    The Qi-Lo are a devilishly handsome band from Baltimore, Maryland who just happen to have over 25-years professional performance experience.

    When asked 'What type of music do you devilishly handsome lads play?" they simply answer with their devilishly handsome mouths: "Both kinds, ROCK and ROLL!".

    Founded by rocket scientist, retired cage fighter, and guitarist Paul Palumbo & nuclear physicist, former WWF wrestler (The Polynesian Thunder), and vocalist Jeremy Simon the Qi-Lo spend most of their day tending to their 17 acre sheep farm. During the evening they let their hair down and deliver the musical goods. 

    The Rolling Stone (not that Rolling Stone, the other one) once wrote: "Not since the likes of greats akin to The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Van Halen, Pearl Jam, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young have we ever heard such an innovative and accomplishes group of musicians, and their not even playing their own music! The fact that they dare use a Q, without a U in the bands name, speaks volumes about the level of carefully thought out detail we a dealing with here".  
    I know all of the above information seems to good to be true, but it must be, after all, it was found on Google.  Now stop fooling around and seriously get out to a show.  

We don't Bite:

Some Video from a Recent Show: